Monday, 23 July 2007

Magik Drinks Logo

Here is the logo I created for a new company called Magik Drinks Ltd.

By Adam Moss


Thebes said...

Temporary Freelance Graphic Designer? Or Student? You need to pick one because, as you know, the Inland Revenue need to be informed of any income.

Obviously, as a Freelance Designer (job title) you have invoiced magikdrinks (because they need to account for expenditure) and declared this to the I.R. in order to pay 8% National Insurance contributions?

Oh and nice logo! Avante Garde Gothic Medium and a few stars - money for old rope isn't it? Keep rocking Elvis and be careful how you behave online - there are some very sensitive people out there. ;-)

Adam moss said...

I'm actually neither a student or a freelance graphic designer at this time.